Doctor Comrade -- Chief Editor, Co-Founder

I obtained my MA in History in 2015. I'm an aspiring writer, musician, artist, blogger, and teacher. I currently work as an archivist in Las Vegas. I'm interested in the intellectual histories of Marxism, post-modernism, and post-structuralism, as well as cultural and social history.

You can find my current music project Disciplinary Boundaries on Youtube and Soundcloud, or you can listen to all my music here

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Komrade Kitten -- Contributor, Co-Founder

A full-time work avoider studying history at UNLV. I have successfully evaded reading, writing, and curating by consuming as much television, movies, music, and novels as possible. I like talking, thinking, and writing about alternative methods of distributing history to the masses, popular and internet culture, and the importance of cauldron thickness regulation internationally.

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Comrade Sloth -- Contributing Editor

I'm a student living and working in Las Vegas, Nevada, but my dream is to one day work for the National Forest Service and be a public advocate for environmental protection. When I'm not exploring the forest around Mt. Charleston, I like to spend my time watching Vice documentaries and debating social matters with my friends. However, all of these leisure activities must be budgeted around a strict schedule of staffing the needs of my three cats--they said if my performance improves and I quit spraying them with water when they claw the sofa, I might get a raise at the end of this quarter.

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