New Instrumental Bonus Track Released for "There is Resistance" EP

By Disciplinary Boundaries

I've recently become intrigued by the comic book publication and release schedule. I've been listening to the Nerdist Writers Panel podcast for a while, especially the Comics editions. What I noticed was that the comics companies prefer to release comics monthly and then bundle them into a "trade" or collection at the end of a year or run. Music companies, on the other hand, have typically adopted a different strategy (though the rise of iTunes, Youtube, and streaming services are significantly influencing this model). These companies have decided to release a couple singles from each album to build interest in order to encourage consumers to buy the full album. Of course, with iTunes and Amazon, people can choose to download only the songs they want, so the old album model is becoming increasingly obsolete.

I would like to adopt the comic book model for my songs. I'm going to release them as I make them, and at the end, if I find it thematically or pragmatically appropriate, I'll bundle the songs into an EP.

I have already released one EP under the Disciplinary Boundaries moniker titled "There is Resistance." I'm now ready to release a bonus track for that EP, or perhaps make it the first release of a new run. Either way, this was a song that didn't quite fit into "There is Resistance" because the instrumentals were too complex to rap over. Instead, I decided to improve the production, polish the instrumentals, and release it as a stand-alone track. Or a bonus track, if you liked the production on TIR and wanted a little extra. I called it "I'm Leaving, Idaho" and it was supposed to be about my disenchantment with the political and social conditions of my home state. Although I wrote lyrics, I feel like the tension of the instruments properly conveys my mental state with regards to my home.

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