Disciplinary Boundaries Set to Re-Release Debut EP with Previously Unheard Tracks

On December 1, my musical project Disciplinary Boundaries will re-release the EP There is Resistance on Soundcloud and Youtube for free download. If you want to support this effort and gain access to exclusive content, find me on Patreon.

When I first released the album a year ago, I was really happy with the production but I was dissatisfied with the lyrical and vocal performance. This time around, I have remastered the instrumentals of each track and I have produced two new tracks that will come out with the EP, and now I've taken out all the garbage vocals.

Everyone will be able to download There is Resistance in its entirety, completely remastered, totally instrumental, including the bonus tracks I released last spring and two previously unreleased tracks.

For exclusive content, you can become a supporter on Patreon.

I tried to write music that would move me in some way, that would evoke strong feelings of sadness, loneliness, anger, and triumph. I hope that when you listen to it, you might feel some of those same feelings.

With this release, there will be four of the original songs from There is Resistance, plus two bonus tracks from There is Resistance Deluxe and two previously unreleased tracks.

Be on the lookout this month for teasers and singles.

There is Resistance track list:

  1. Where There is Power
  2. There is Resistance
  3. God is Dead and He Hates Us
  4. Still Strangers [Unreleased]
  5. The Experiment
  6. I'm Leaving, Idaho [Bonus Track]
  7. Rain over Las Vegas [Unreleased]
  8. Trucidatio [Bonus Track]