Announcing new Contributing Editor Comrade Sloth

I'm happy to announce that frequent podcast contributor Comrade Sloth has been added to the Handsy Comprehensive Exam editorial team. She is someone I consult about every project that I start, and she has done myriad tasks behind the scenes for HCE, including editing everything that I've written. Because she is so wildly talented, I asked her to contribute some posts of her own concerning contemporary sociological issues.

Over the next three months, HCE will publish a series of 10 short articles written by Comrade Sloth about Karl Marx's relevance to modern topics. Her posts will cover such issues as the minimum wage crisis, violence against men of color, rap and misogyny, gun control, and the environmental politics of plant-based diets. Underlying each argument is the proposition that class struggle, often hidden from cursory analyses, plays a fundamental role in the allocation of resources and power in our society.

You can check out her bio on our authors page. And you can listen to the last couple episodes of the HCE podcast, which she co-hosted.

Here is a tentative schedule for her project, tentatively titled "Deus ex Marxina."
December 16 - Introduction, Deus ex Marxina
December 30 - "We'd Pay You Less, But It's Illegal": The Minimum Wage Crisis
January 06 - Borderline Americans: Nationalism, Racism, and Class Infighting
January 13 - Food Stamps & iPhones: The Myth of the Welfare Queen
January 20 - Everyone's a Cowboy: The Paradoxical Relationship Between Gun Control and Self Defense
January 27 - To Veil or Not to Veil: The Hijab and Eurocentric Standards of Beauty
February 03 - Rap and Misogyny: The "Bad Bitch" Phenomenon
February 10 - The (Million) Dollar Menu: The Real Costs of Cheap Food
February 17 - They Gave Peace a Chance, and It Didn't Work: When Peaceful Protests Break Down
February 23 - The Code of the Street: Social Norms in Putatively Lawless Areas

---Doctor Comrade