Reads of the Week - 02.19.2016

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SB Nation Deletes Sympathetic Story Suggesting Daniel Holtzclaw Was Just Sad About Football - Jezebel (follow @jezebel)

Kara Brown offers a ferocious critique of SB Nation's pathetic biographical exposé about convicted rapist and former cop Daniel Holtzclaw: "it’s hard to understand why it’s relevant, why this story was written, why it was published, and what lessons we’re supposed to glean. [The author] does not examine the system that allowed Holtzclaw to continue raping black women under the protection of a police badge. He generally ignores the culture of victim-blaming that Holtzclaw’s defense exploited. And there were no attempts to understand the precarious racial undertones of the case, in which a man who is half-white, half-not (Daniel Holtzclaw’s mother is Japanese) targeted only black women. Nor do we get an even brief consideration of how our country’s blind reverence for almost any level of football can harm women." 

I'm Asian: 6 Forms Of Racism I Deal With Every DayCracked (follow @cracked)

Dennis Hong poignantly illustrates the subtle and covert racism that invades the psyches of Asian people (and all people of color), racism that becomes monotonous and grating and its perpetual presence. "For the same reason, even the most innocent of comments about my ethnicity get annoying: because they don't occur once in a rare while. They occur all the time. And like the drops of water coming out of that faucet, it's the culmination of one comment after another, throughout my entire life, that starts to get to me.... Keep that in mind the next time you're inclined to call a minority oversensitive."

Why Bernie Can WinJacobin (follow @jacobinmag)

In a meticulously researched and well-argued piece, Matt Karp argues that historical trends, polling data, and the attitudes of the new American electorate demonstrate that Bernie Sanders is the most electable candidate for president. In a twisting indictment of the politics-as-usual, blasé, elite media, Karp observes that "Not only has Sanders emerged as a serious threat to capture the nomination — his victory in New Hampshire was the largest in primary history — but his impact on the shape of the campaign has been almost the opposite of what experts imagined."

In defense of grave dancing: It’s true that Scalia was a human being, but I still refuse to mourn a-holes like him politelySalon (follow @salon)

Like many of us, Katie Halper faced the moral dilemma of celebrating the death of Antonin Scalia. But considering his despicable record on the Supreme Court, celebrating his life actually unearthed a laundry list of his most vile quotes and beliefs. "What better way to honor the late justice than by asking #WWSD? What would Scalia do? The answer was obvious: He’d react to the loss of human life with heartlessness, cruelty and adherence to his own conviction."

In History

February 18, 1861 - Jefferson Davis is inaugurated as president of the Confederate States of America in Montgomery, Alabama. Less than a month after resigning from the US Senate, Davis took the provisional presidency of the the CSA, helping launch a failed effort to defend the heinous institution of slavery. Under the guise of states' rights and self-determination, Davis abandoned the strictures of democracy and engaged in reactionary struggle against the perceived threat of abolitionism and what national emancipation implied for the structures of white supremacy.

Handsy Comprehensive Exam Weekend Roundup

They Gave Peace a Chance, and It Didn't Work: Peaceful Protests Break Down Because of Racism - Comrade Sloth documents the reactionary flippancy surrounding Trayvon Martin's death in 2012. When the media grossly mischaracterized the riots following George Zimmerman's acquittal, "portraying these riots as the behavior of depraved criminals who lack the intelligence or morality to do otherwise is a dangerously simplistic view of a much more complicated problem."