Reads of the Week - 02.26.2016

Compiled By Doctor Comrade (follow @HCELindsay)

A Quick Summary of Why Only White People Want to Make America Great “Again”Slate (follow @slate)

Ben Mathis-Lilley provides a brief summary of the post-WWII government policies that benefited whites and purposefully excluded non-whites. "One of the reasons that there was so much of this 'free stuff' available to white people back in the day is that it wasn't available to nonwhite people. Discrimination meant there were bigger slices of the pie to go around, so to speak, for every white person."

The Most Entitled Generation Isn't MillennialsReal Clear Politics (follow @RealClearNews)

Ross Pomeroy and William Handke observe that millennials aren't the real "Generation Me," and that the "entitlement" that seems to haunt millennials is merely inter-generational stereotyping that comes from the real culprits: Baby Boomers. Specifically, the economic ills that plague millennials are "one-off calamit[ies]" but "a symptom of economic ills long perpetuated and ignored." As I have argued, blaming millennials for contemporary political crises is both short-sighted and ahistorical.

Measuring Donald Trump’s Supporters for IntoleranceNew York Times (follow @vavreck)

Almost confirming what we already know, Lynn Vavreck analyzes exit poll data and survey data from South Carolina's Republican primary. The results are sickening: 20% of Trump supporters disagreed with the Emancipation Proclamation, 33% believe Japanese internment was a good idea, and 31% are either unsure or believe that whites are superior to non-whites. This is the face of fascism in America. Though these polls' methodologies are somewhat questionable, even the stats gurus at FiveThirtyEight said these polls help us understand the twisted ideologies held by many Trump supporters.

This Week’s Mass Shootings Not Spectacular Enough To Mention At GOP DebateWonkette (follow @wonkette)

Doktor Zoom's pithy analysis of the GOP "debate" highlights another glaring omission of gun deaths, despite the "usual oral service to the Holy Second Amendment." And why would the Republicans bring up two more shooting sprees? "After all, neither killer was Muslim, so why should we consider a few more spree killings anything other than the acceptable price of Liberty?"

In History

On February 21, 1965, Malcolm X was assassinated. Ahmed Shawki wrote in Jacobin about the legacy left by Malcolm X, who, over the course of his life, advocated an evolving conception of radical politics and revolutionary ideas to combat racism, oppression, and injustice. Shawki characterizes his premature death: "Malcolm X was gunned down just as he was beginning to 'think for himself,' as he put it, and to express a radical program for black liberation. His premature death and the subsequent suppression and decline of the black movement have made it easier for second-rate reformists to claim Malcolm as theirs."

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