Reads of the Week - 03.18.2016

Compiled By Doctor Comrade (follow @HCELindsay)

Trump Voters’ Aversion To Foreign-Sounding Names Cost Him DelegatesFiveThirtyEight (follow @fivethirtyeight and @redistrict)

Trump's ugly race-baiting tactics hurt him this week, according to David Wasserman. Because of Illinois's "loophole primary," primary voters directly elect their delegates via a ballot that has both the delegates' names and their candidate affiliation. Unfortunately for Trump, the statistics show that Trump delegates with Anglo-European sounding names received substantially more votes than his delegates named "Sadiq," "Fakroddin," and "Uribe." Too bad.

Why the Working Class?Jacobin (follow @jacobinmag)

Postcolonial theorist Vivek Chibber delivers a succinct answer to the question, "Why do socialists focus on the working class rather than all oppressed groups?" Two reasons: capitalism's defining feature is deprivation and exploitation of workers, and the working class has the unique ability to mobilize en masse against capital and fundamentally alter the economic and social system.

The 5 Questions You Won’t Hear Asked at Any Presidential DebateThe Nation (follow @thenation)

Peter Van Buren lays out five foreign policy questions that have been ignored during this presidential campaign season. And you'd be hard pressed to find any candidate who would actually answer these questions honestly. Is there an endgame to the War on Terror? When will we start talking about the unconstitutional powers established after 9/11? What do we want to happen in the Middle East?

Breitbart quitters shocked to discover they’d been working at a sleazeball propaganda millWe Hunted the Mammoth (follow @DavidFutrelle)

If you aren't regularly checking in with We Hunted the Mammoth, you really should be. This post focuses on the fallout from right-wing noise machine Breitbart's break-up with at least five of their staff. Turns out the pro-Trump bosses smeared their own reporter Michele Fields after Trump's campaign manager assaulted her. In protest, several Breitbart-ers have jumped ship, including editor-at-large Ben Shapiro.

In History

March 8, 1917 - The beginning of the February Revolution in Russia. Nearing the end of the First World War, food prices were unaffordable, and the kulaks owned more than 90% of Russia's arable land. Strikes became common, and radical elements in Russia's biggest cities used the opportunity to mobilize against the tsar. Striking workers and soldiers in Petrograd forced the tsar to abdicate on March 15. The Provisional Government assumed power, but it was ineffectual and short-lived, and was overthrown by the Bolsheviks in the October Revolution later that same year.

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