The Police are being Infiltrated by White Supremacists

By Doctor Comrade

A 2006 report released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation declared that white supremacists--including the Ku Klux Klan--were actively infiltrating law enforcement departments. Here are the key findings of that report:

  • "The primary threat from infiltration or recruitment arises from the areas of intelligence collection and exploitation, which can lead to investigative breaches" (p. 4).
  • "White supremacist leaders and groups have historically shown an interest in infiltrating law enforcement communities or recruiting law enforcement personnel" (p. 4).
  • White supremacists use the term "ghost skins" to refer to members who "avoid overt displays of their beliefs to blend into society and covertly advance white supremacist causes" (p. 5).
  • "Ghost skins" have disrupted investigations of white supremacist groups by warning their compatriots and passing on false information (p. 5).
  • "White supremacist leadership has also engaged in recent rhetoric that encourages followers to infiltrate law enforcement" (p. 6).
  • White supremacist leaders believe many people already in law enforcement sympathize with the white supremacist cause (p. 6).

Numerous cases have emerged in recent years of police being reprimanded or dismissed for their ties to the KKK and other white supremacist groups. I have attempted to make a comprehensive list of white supremacist police officers who have been exposed:

  • Two Texas officers were fired in 2001 after they attempted to recruit another officer into the KKK.
  • A Florida deputy police chief and another officer were fired in 2014 because they belonged to the KKK.
  • A North Carolina police officer was fired in 2015 after a picture showed him giving a Nazi salute in KKK regalia at a rally.
  • In 1991, a federal judge in Los Angeles said that there was a gang of Neo-Nazi cops in Lynwood that engaged in racially motivated violence and "terrorist-type tactics" against people of color, and that police officials were aware of the gang's existence. A former LA undersheriff (and mayor of Gardena) was part of the gang and was plagued by police brutality scandals, even as he enjoyed a 31-year long career in law enforcement.
  • Two police lieutenants in Alabama were dismissed for their membership in the League of the South, a racist hate group. One bragged that his superiors supported his membership.
  • A detective in Chicago had ties to the KKK and he tortured at least 100 black male suspects, and was only dismissed after being convicted of lying about the torture (he still earns a pension though).
  • In Alabama, a dozen officers planted evidence on black suspects. The Internal Affairs investigation was covered up by the district attorney. The police officers and several of their superiors belong to a neo-Confederate white supremacist group.
  • Seven officers in San Francisco were fired for sending racist and homophobic "White Power" texts.
  • Four Florida police officers were fired for exchanging racist text messages detailing their fantasies of murdering black people. One of the officers produced a trailer for the KKK movie The Hoods. 50 criminal cases were dropped by prosecutors in which the defendants were arrested by the four officers. Every defendant was black.
  • Three corrections officers in Florida with ties to the KKK have been charged in a plot to kill a black inmate.
  • Cleveland police officers scrawled racist and Nazi graffiti in three of the department's six district buildings.
  • In 1992, a Florida officer was suspended after he was seen receiving a swastika tattoo on his leg. It appears he was later an officer with another department before being fired again.
  • An officer in Louisiana resigned when his white supremacist text messages were made public.
  • Three black officers in Maryland have alleged that they were harassed and mistreated by racist coworkers, who used racial epithets and white supremacist propaganda to intimidate the black officers.
  • A man who worked as Baltimore police officer from 1965 to 1973 was the Grand Dragon of the Maryland KKK.
  • White supremacists are infiltrating the military to gain training in order to engage a "racial holy war."

Do you know of any KKK or white supremacist cops? Send them to me and I'll update the list:

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