"Audible Anarchist" Releases First Audio Recording: Kropotkin's "Are We Good Enough?"

By Doctor Comrade

A newly formed anarchist project called Audible Anarchist has begun releasing audio recordings of anarchist theory. In order to make writings more accessible to a twenty-first century audience, the recordings are being released for free on Youtube with their accompanying texts.

The first recording is of Pyotr Kropotkin's essay, "Are We Good Enough?" Kropotkin, considered by many to be a founding figure in anarchist communism, analyzes the supposition that people are not fit for communism. The premise of Kropotkin's argument is communists have been accused of utopianism in their assessment of human nature. Because, as the argument goes, humans are not capable of existing in a communistic state, that is, they are not by their nature cooperative and kind. Kropotkin reverses this reactionary line of thinking, arguing that people are in truth not good enough for capitalism, a system which rewards greed, exploitation, and inequity. Rather, Kropotkin goes on to say, we should strive for change to "eliminate those conditions which favour the growth of egotism and rapacity, of slavishness and ambition."

Listen to the full recording here, and access the full text here.