Episode 04 - Stephen Bohigian on Historical Movies

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Links and Recommendations

When talking about Selma, Stephen quoted David Oyelowo about representations of Black people in film and Roger Ebert's review of The Patriot. In talking about Saving Private Ryan, I mentioned the Niland brothers, and I quoted from Jeanine Basinger's article in Perspectives on History. Stephen enjoyed the film Caché (Hidden).

Hannah recommended the show Supernatural, so catch up on all the seasons on Netflix so you can read her blog post coming out next week.
Lindsay recommended "The Perverted Dance (Cut the Balls)" by Klemen Slakonja as Slavoj Žižek, and it's the outro song for the episode.
Stephen recommended "Tunnel Blanket" by This Will Destroy You. Also check out Stephen's band Cabin Fire on Facebook and Bandcamp.