Episode 08 - Franklin Howard on Stonewall

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Franklin mentioned Steel Closets by Anne Balay.
In our "Contemporary Topics and Takes" segment, we discussed Buzzfeed's lack of journalistic integrity. J.K. Trotter first broke the story for Gawker of nearly 5000 posts being mysteriously deleted in August of 2014, and I quoted from Will Oremus's post about the incident in Slate. On April 9 of this year, J.K. Trotter again reported on Buzzfeed deleting posts that were critical of Buzzfeed ad sponsors, and then reported their absurd internal memo. On April 11, Jeremy Stahl reported for Slate that the two posts had been "inappropriately deleted." Arabelle Sicardi's original post critical of Dove was archived and can be accessed here.
The outro song for this week is "I'm Leaving, Idaho" by my music project Disciplinary Boundaries. You can hear the full track here.

Doctor Comrade recommended Advertising and a Democratic Press by C. Edwin Baker.
Comrade Sloth recommended "Worthy" by Jacob Banks. 
Franklin actually recommended "Roll to Me" by Del Amitri, Whole Earth Discipline by Stewart Brand, How to be Gay by David Halperin, and Not Thinking Straight by Matt Fishel.

Lindsay Franklin Bonnie 4.11.2015