Episode 16 - Landis Shook on the Nevada State Democratic Party Convention


  1. Snopes article debunking the claims of violence committed by Sanders supporters at the Nevada State Democratic Party Convention.
  2. Hillary Clinton will probably defeat Donald Trump according to demographic indicators: New York Times/FiveThirtyEight and NPR and Washington Post.
  3. Animal agriculture leads to environmental degradation and agriculture accounts for nearly 80% of deforestation worldwide.
  4. Handsy Comprehensive Exam's semi-endorsement of Bernie Sanders.


Landis recommended Tim Canova, the law professor and politician who is challenging Debbie Wasserman Schultz for Florida's 23rd District in the Florida Democratic Party's primary. He also recommended the band Six Gallery.

Comrade Sloth recommended the documentary Cartel Land about a Mexican drug cartel and the groups leading resistance against it.

Doctor Comrade recommended my piece on competing narratives and the Civil War. I also recommended the obituary of Andy Stapp, the activist who joined the Army in 1966 to unionize the soldiers and resist the Vietnam War.

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